Let’s talk about the basics: Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology or nanotech is the science and engineering involved in the design and application of materials and devices whose smallest functional organization is on the nanometer scale or one billionth of a meter. In simpler terms, nanoparticles are super small! These molecular sized particles have infinite uses in science and technology, medicine and cosmetics. To give a better understanding of just how small a nanometer is, a sheet of newspaper is approximately 100,000 nanometers thick!

With nanotechnology we can manipulate materials on an atomic scale which allows for a variety of implementations. In medicine, called nanomedicine, nanotechnology is being researched as a way to implement more targeted and effective medical treatment. The Center for Nanomedicine at John Hopkins University uses the following analogy: “treating cancer with current chemotherapy delivery techniques is like spraying an entire rose garden with poison in order to kill a single weed. It would be far more effective to spray a small amount of poison, directly on the weed, and save the roses.”

In skincare, nanotechnology can be used in sunscreens to eliminate the whitewashed effect on the skin. Nano-emulsions are also used in all other forms of topical skincare and allow the active ingredients in the product to fully penetrate the skin barrier and target cells. Our TES cosmetics line by Doctor Milagros is made with nano emulsion of active ingredients and hemp-derived CBD isolate for a topical elixir that penetrates, soothes and nourishes all skin types. Our NYC lab’s use of nanotechnology in the production of our products assures that our combination of beneficial ingredients makes it deep down into your pores, rather than sitting on your skin.


Doctor Milagros


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