FORBES: The Best At-Home Spa Products Under $100

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Best At-Home Spa Products Under $100

This Valentines Day TES was featured in FORBES, for the second time! As 1 of 12 products suggested as a gift for your special someone this month!

Forbes said “There are many CBD Isolate derived from Hemp skincare products on the market, but Doctor Milagros is the first designed by a physician! Dr. Milagros Hernandez has created a serum, cream and scrub to both restore and pamper your skin using a formula that combines premium organic ingredients with the therapeutic properties of CBD Isolate derived from Hemp.”

Let us know what you think of your last purchase by email moc.scitemsocsetobfsctd@RP. a lucky customer will get a shoutout on the website and  a chance to win free skincare products!

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