Dr Milagros


Dr MilagrosDr. Milagros Hemandez passion to develop organic skin care products, led her on a journey to develop “tes total everyday skin care products“.
In 2010 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a young physician and a mother of a young child at that time, she realized daily use of skin care products 60% are absorbed in our skin, and can be carcinogen causing long term impact on our health.
That was the deciding pivotal moment Dr. Hernandez envisioned creating her own organic skin products
It became her passion to make a difference in developing skin products that she personally researched each essential oil used in her skin care line.
Her mission is to share her knowledge with other women to try to prevent Chemically infussed products known to cause cancer.
The main feature of her products are their natural composition and their holistic action.
The exquisite features of Dr. Hernandez natural skin care technology otters a preference for natural derived earth organic products.
Rest assured the quality and performance are simply revolutionary In the Beauty Industry.

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