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Doctor Milagros Organic Hemp Skincare Line

Made with organically sourced hemp from Oregon & nourishing botanicals that help reduce acne, hydrate & plump skin & slow down the progression of fine lines & wrinkles while promoting collagen production.

tes Everyface scrub

TES Everyface Scrub detoxes clogged pores and washes away dead skin cells to restore a healthy glow and leave your skin looking radiant and feeling refreshed. Rich with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D and E, it helps nourish and protect your skin from daily wear and tear. Our scrub will exfoliate without stripping your skin of hydration.



TES Everyface Serum is a rapidly absorbing treatment that can be used morning and night. Our serum penetrates deep into your pores to deliver vital nutrients beyond just the surface layers of your skin. Regular use will help keep your skin calm, nourished and protected no matter what your day may bring.


tes Everyface CREAM

TES Everyface Cream is our remarkably lightweight moisturizer. TES Everyface Cream is loaded with nourishing good fats, tonifying herbal extracts and luxurious silk peptides that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, toned, and silky smooth!


An organic skincare line designed by a medical doctor
and breast cancer survivor. Made in NYC.